CitizenM’s new A to Z video is a long walk

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Creative Review reckon this new video by KK Outlet and animation studio Animade for hotel group CitizenM is a winner.

We at Votion will have to agree to disagree.

We like the child-like animations, which are vivid and bright. They communicate a playful simplicity which is on-brand for CitizenM, whose over-priced hotels are aimed squarely at globe-trotting millenials.

But it is, as we say in the trade, a “long walk.”

By the time you get to the letter Z – 25 letters later! –  the viewer is disappointed to discover the whole shebang is just an ad for CitizenM hotels. That’s not much of a pay-off.

The after-taste is a sour one, no matter how tangy the preceding visuals.

For this reason, it’s a thumbs down. Soz.

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