Split- Do we think in Black and White?

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Split is a self-initiated project from New York based Vincenzo Lodigiani, a motion artist and animation director. The piece asks us to consider how life is often broken down into “black and white” thinking, as we tell ourselves that scenarios are more simplistic than they really are.

We feel that the execution of this philosophy is spot-on, and the sound design only adds to the duality that is conveyed. The animation itself uses only black and white to further express this concept- we are brought into a world where this contrast is fluidly intertwined…except that the two battle and fight for dominance. It questions how in control we really are, as the animation climactically builds to a cacophony of sound and motion. The human figure is constantly torn between both sides- perfectly expressing this idea.

Overall, we feel that the animation could be interpreted in many different ways, but that’s precisely the point! Very thought provoking.


Vincenzo Lodigiani- Throughout our lives, we often inspire undue stress and anxiety by viewing our existence with a “dualistic mind.” We create a world of private duality, a world that is limited to fixed or black and white thinking. We do this because it gives us a (false) sense of security and control over life’s uncertainties. The dualistic mind tricks us into thinking we have this “life” thing figured out, and we don’t have to struggle and search anymore.


Animation- Cento Lodigiani

Music/Sound design- Sono Sanctus



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