‘The Man in the High Castle’ towers above its competition

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Welcome to post-war 1962, well that is if America had lost the fight against the Nazis. ‘The Man In The High Castle’, an amazon original series, depicts a world in which the allies have won the war and occupy both coasts of North America.

We feel that the title sequence to this drama has been perfectly executed by the team at Elastic- They seem to do no wrong! The use of projected video in the opener foreshadows the significance of film reels throughout the series. The projected images are overlaid over ominous statues representing the hope of the American people- or the American dream. Furthermore, the most poignant choice for this sequence is the softly sung version of “Edelweiss”. Juxtaposed against the gritty scenes of war, the melancholic resonance of “Edelweiss” sits well with the sense of foreboding that the imagery builds upon.

Overall, we feel that this title sequence is a cut above the rest!


Elastic for Scott Free Productions 

Director Patrick Clair
Producer Jamie McBriety

Lead Animator & Compositor  Raoul Marks
Design   Paul Kim
Kevin Heo
Sam Cividanis
CG Modeler Jose Limon

Executive Producer Jennifer Sofio Hall

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